Reconnect To Chaos!

Dear participants from the interweb,
dear creatures of all galaxies!

The Chaostreff Potsdam (CCC-P) calls for a gathering - Reconnect to Chaos 2022 (27.12.2022-30.12.2022)!

After the planet was infected by a virus, the last two ChaosCongresses had to be moved into cyberspace. This year, the end-of-year get-together is possible again, although not yet in the very big ChaosCluster.

Pack your spacesuits and come to FreiLand in Potsdam! We want to socialize, enjoy, hack, learn, meet Normal People™, stretch time, bend space, turn art, mate and madness into chaos! And all the networks of the planet we switch to it. All other chaotic meetings of the end of the year too.

The program, your program, will appear here soon. Until then we ask you: Fill the program ... it is really yours. Talk about what you do, what you know, what you can do, what excites you! Entertain, educate, hack the planet! You can submit your talk here and perform on our live stage - it will be streamed, recorded and documented as you wish, on the CCC's media collection and on the usual suspect platforms. You can choose format and length, we will let you shine and shine and make it a chaotic educational experience. It is also possible to perform remotely in front of your own camera, please note this in your submission. Likewise, if you want to put pre-produced videos in the stream. Check out to see how something like this can look.

On a small and pandemic scale, there will (you can) also be workshops - tech, DIY, crafting, whatever. On a small scale with attention and top-notch supervision.

We are also looking forward to contributions and performances from the artists among you! Colorful lights, new visions, novel ways of thinking, curved spaces, galactic sounds, whatever. Tell us what you need and what you want to do.

If you're not sure if your idea fits the event ... feel free to get in touch at

Chaostreff Potsdam (CCCP)